From Lincoln Smith, founder, Guns of the South; 
“As long as I can remember I have been around guns.  I remember as a small kid sitting around with my father, grandfather, and great grandfather talking about hunting. My Grandfather would shoot fish jumping out of the water with his .22 and I wanted to do the same thing.   When I was of age to shoot my father and I would take a .22 and shoot targets at the hunting camp.

When I was old enough to dove hunt I took my browning sweet sixteen and shot 10 boxes of shells at a hunt in Greenville, Al.  I was finally old enough to go turkey hunting with my father he let me borrow his Krieghoff Drilling, 12 gauges over 270 while he took his Krieghoff  Drilling 12 gauge over a 30-06.  As we sat there hunting,  I couldn’t pay attention to the turkeys for the beauty of these gun.   At that moment,  I was in love with the engravings and the unique styles of high grade wood. 

 I was lucky enough in 2007 to start my first gun company.  I was able to sell Steyr, Merkel, Anschutz and Grulla imports.  I get to work daily with customers who understand the beauty of engravings and 6+ grade woods.  My customers are met with superior service to match the superior firearms that I sale.  I am happy to say that for the last 3 years (2013,2014,2015), has been one of the top 5 Merkel sales companies in America.”